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Many heart patients, their partners, families and friends are surprised and confused by their reactions when they discover they have a heart condition. Most people experience a “roller coaster” of emotions after a heart event.

Most people readjust to living with a heart condition and take action to improve their physical health, emotional wellbeing and enjoyment of life again. 

It is normal and common to experience a range of emotions after a heart event. 

In 1995 I was diagnosed with a heart condition and underwent bypass surgery. Shortly after attending Cardiac Rehabilitation I joined the Rehabilitation team to work with heart patients and partners in adjusting to life with a heart condition.

In my workshops I have continually been amazed at how many people report that it has been a great help in their recovery when they share their experience and learn it is common to go through a range of emotions. 

Heart patients report a boost to their confidence when their fears and hopes are heard and they discover that they are not alone in their feelings.

I have created this website; to share the experiences, views and knowledge I have gained over the past 24+ years of working with heart patients during their emotional journey.

The website describes what happens to people after a cardiac event and describes the changed world ( the “new normal”that heart patients live in. It also brings together some of the most relevant information on emotions as it applies to those living with a heart condition.

I hope the information is helpful and that you enjoy using the site. 

If you would like to contact me or provide any feedback you can send me an email from the “Get in Touch” Page Here.

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